Cake Blops

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Last weekend I attempted some cake pops with the help of my little sis and her friend. We appropriately named them cake blops because of the crazy looking trying-to-be-spherical balls of cake, icing and candy melt that we ended up with! We had a blast making them although it was a little bit time consuming (aka the girls opted to let me finish the remaining 40 solo!) I would definitely start with completely cooled and kinda dried out cake next time, ours was a little bit mushy with the icing (the girls remarked that it indeed looked just like throw up!) We used 1 can of icing, 1.5 boxes Pillsbury Funfetti cake mix, neon gel food coloring, wilton candy melts and some lollipop sticks. Check out ABM's take for more (expert) tips :)