A Shoe Story

Friday, May 11, 2012

This was one of the many unfinished or half finished projects that I found stowed away in the depths of my closet. If I remember correctly the inspiration was some Louis Vuitton shoes from a few seasons ago. First I sewed together two different sized pieces of velvet ribbons and then attached a third piece to the back of the others (make sure its pointing to the tip of the shoe). I stitched all three onto the top of some old patent flats (purchased for the sole purpose of a choir uniform, no judgesies). Since the third piece of ribbon was still loose I wrapped it around, completing the bow, then I used super glue to attach it to the inside of the shoe. To get the bows to stay on the shoes for a while I used a pretty hardcore curved upholstery needle and fishing line. Can't wait to sport these babies in the fall :)