Making Me Smile

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

  1. To the adorable elderly man at the library who told me I was a hard worker even though I was having a terrible time studying: you are awesome. 
  2. Watching my parents and grandparents throw back sake shots at dinner: PRICELESS.
  3. Shout-out to the y girls. Great friends make work soo much more fun :) 
  4. Falling asleep in the sun out on the gulf. Salty breezes make for amazing naps and I'm well on my way from the order of ghouls towards a bit of healthy color. 
  5. Arts and crafts! I'm loving these ideas: colorful tennis shoes, a bracelet, and some kind of jumbo cross stitch. Thank goodness for hobby lobby.
  6. Making a care package for the bestie who's away at grown up summer camp (aka undergrad research at another university.) I can't wait to see her in August!!! 
  7. I would definitely smile every time I looked at my hand if this adorable ring was on it!