Making Me Smile

Monday, May 7, 2012

I found this little guy in my backyard one morning and couldn't resist the cuteness
  1. On my flight the other day the pilot announced "good afternoon ladies and gentlemen first captain Glen Quaqmire speaking ..." followed 5 minutes later by a single "giggity". About half of the plane lol'ed. 
  2. New Girl has become one of my favorite shows of all time. I can't get enough of Schmidt's character and I can actually manage to watch them many times over (which is RARE for me). If you haven't seen any episodes yet... what are you waiting for!?!?
  3. Dusk is the most perfect time of day, especially down south. I love that few minutes where the sun has basically set but the moon is out and super bright because its still kinda seeing the sun. (on a sidenote I have a pretty intense obsession with the moon. I would pay Richard Branson  my life savings to bring me to outer space in a heartbeat.)
  4. My amazing best friend wrote a story about me... in french! It definitely made my day, she's the greatest :)
  5. There's something so fulfilling about finishing a project that you had previously abandoned. So far I have tackled a pair of shoes and started working on a cross stitch type thingy. One of my goals this summer is to go back and attack some of my prior "great ideas". 
So tell me, whats making you smile these days?