The Best

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dear CD,
To me what makes our friendship so awesome is that I have infinite respect for you. I'm proud to be bff with someone so intelligent, caring, accepting, sensible, gracious, funny, and loyal. You definitely make me a better person to be around and I'd probably be more crazy (if possible) without you ;) I am so thankful that you happen to be a stellar listener and that you've listened to me vent all of these years (p.s. we're getting OLD). I can't wait to live in the same country once again so we can have more frequent adventures :) I miss our sunburning annually, watching unhealthy amounts of tv, lunch at la mad's, making crafts and the related hobby lobby excursions, making little sis jealous (lol christmas gifts), attempting pancakes, mini scrapbooks, pop tarts, american government, outer space, "Mc Breakfast", and laughing until I'm lightheaded. Here's to many more years of making the best of memories.
A little gift to be opened immediately: an old classic, sensational, and understated but fabulous.

Bonne anniversaire dear friend, I can't wait to celebrate avec toi :)