A Taste of Summer

Friday, March 30, 2012

Photos by Brit V

Last week we had some pretty gorgeous weather and as you can see, these pale legs made their first appearance of the season. All of downtown was packed with sunbathers, the Tim Horton's sold out of iced cap cups, and all of us ghoulishly pigmented folks got our rosy-almost-a-sunburn-glow on. It was so beautiful that my 8 am yoga class was moved onto the outdoor football field and guess what? We literally did sun salutations. I was ecstatic :) We even did some spring cleaning around the apartment which did wonders for my neat freak tendencies. The only downside was that those few days made me slightly unprepared to handle this weeks snow/rain/hail/slush forecast in which the big puffy jacket is making an encore appearance. I'm a summer lover through and through!